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Breast Gain Plus is one of the most respected herbal companies in the industry.  

All of the natural herbal ingredients comprising Breast Gain Plus Herbal Breast Enhancement capsules are relatively safe.  These herbs have been used for centuries by both physicians and herbal specialist to promote health and to treat certain medical conditions.  Breast Gain Plus contains a proprietary blend of all natural herbs that have been prescribed for centuries for the treatment of different medical conditions.

The herbs in Breast Gain Plus Herbal Breast Enhancement capsules have been carefully selected for their ability to influence the glandular tissue of the breast.

The herbs in their formula do not contain estrogen, progesterone or other female hormones. However, they do contain phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are a group of substances found in plants that have a weak estrogenic properties. The phytoestrogens compete for the same receptor cells as true estrogen.

Phytoestrogens through the natural balance of female hormones promote the development of glandular breast tissue. Most women taking herbs containing these phytoestrogens notice a significant increase fullness and balance of their breast. Breast Gain Plus Breast Enhancement Supplements also contain herbs that have been used for centuries to promote lactation and breast contour.

There have been very few side effect associate with the use of Breast Gain Plus. Some women report mild constipation during the first few days or even loose stools. This is very common when introducing any new herbal product to your system. On occasion, an individual will have an allergic reaction to one of the herbs in the proprietary blend presented as a mild skin rash. Individuals should either discontinue the product or decrease the dosage for a few days depending on the severity of the rash.

Different women, as mentioned above, will have different results. However, we recommend taking breast gain plus for at least 5-6 months based on how full you would like your breast to appear.

Most women that follow the recommended dose for at least three months a growth of at least one cup size. These women also report a a more full and natural contour of their breast.

Unfortunately, there are chemicals associated with carbonization and caffeine that can counteract the productivity of certain herbs in their proprietary blend. Individuals who consume large quantities of caffeine should decrease their intake over several days. Often individuals who abruptly stop using products with caffeine will develop headaches.

Following their initial therapy, individuals do not have to take the supplement forever . They do however recommend a maintenance dose consisting of taking the supplement for a 1-2 week interval every 4-6 months to maintain the positive effects.

Individuals should review the comprehensive information provided for the breast enhancement herbs. Individuals with preexisting medical conditions or who are currently taking prescription or over the counter medications or supplements should first consult with their local physician prior to using any new supplement.