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Breast Enlargement Ingredients Comparison Chart

Here's the comparison chart for the ingredients used in the top breast enlargement products, for your easy reference.

Product Name Breast Success
Zoft Breast Gum
Embrace Breast Actives
Type Natural Supplements (Pills) Natural Supplements (Gum) Natural Supplements (Pills & Cream) Natural Supplements (Pills & Cream)
Available From Breast Success Zoft Breast Gum Embrace Breast Actives
Feneugreek Seed Extract
Fennel Seed
Dong Quai Root
Blessed Thistle Herb
Watercress Leaf
Vitamin E
Saw Palmetto Berry
Wild Yam Root
Damiana Leaf
Mother's Wort Herb
Black Cohosh Root Extract
Oat Grass
Hops Flower
Lemon Balm
Oat Flour