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Breast Enlargement Exercise

With all the recent attention on celebrities and how they look, more and more women are becoming ever more conscious about their appearance.

With the pressure to have the "perfect figure", many women are turning to cosmetic surgery to improve upon what they already have, with breast surgery being the most popular, even if in truth they don't need one.

However, if surgery is either too scary or too expensive for you, there are some breast enlargement exercises that you can carry out with some very successful results.

Since the breast is made up of fatty tissue, surgery is usually thought of as the only real option to maintain firmness and shape, especially as you get older. However, with proper exercise you can target the area that will make a difference, and this is the pectoral muscle, or pec, just below the fatty area.

There are a variety of exercises that can be done to enhance your breasts, so you should be able to find at least one that's both comfortable for you and gives you the result you're looking for:

Breast Enlargement Exercise 1

Similar to a push-up, one of the most popular exercises is when you lay yourself flat on the floor with your stomach facing downward.

Place your hands apart, at the same distance as each shoulder is and, with your toes stretched as far as they can go, push yourself off the ground.

While you're doing this, tilt your head back so your face and mouth are facing upward. When fully raised, maintain this position for roughly fifteen seconds before lowering yourself again, and repeat ten times.

You'll soon see the effect this has on your chest.

Breast Enlargement Exercise 2

One of the more difficult ones, and possibly one for the suppler of you, is to kneel on the floor, and then lean forward until your thighs and breasts meet.

Once again, for maximum effect, keep your toes outstretched.

When your two body parts have met, start stretching your arms at either side, so that your head is lowered to the ground, too. When both your forehead and hands are touching the floor, maintain this position for at least thirty seconds.

Breast Enlargement Exercise 3

As well as these and similar exercise without weights, you may wish to consider buying some small dumbbells.

These don't have to be too heavy – they're mainly for doing exercises where you can comfortably life the weights but still feel some resistance. Then you can do exercises where you hold the weights to your chest, then outstretch your arms until they're completely at opposite sides of your body.

Bring the weights back in and repeat.

Breast Enlargement Exercise 4

If you're feeling truly adventurous, yoga is an excellent way of firming your body, therefore enhancing your breasts, and even beginners will soon start to see the benefits that this can bring.

At the end of the day, find what's comfortable for you, and in a few weeks, you'll begin to see that you can have firm and enhanced breasts without the need for surgery.

You may want to supplement your breast enhancement exercise effect with one of the natural breast enhancements options. This include using breast enhancement pills, creams, lotions or breast massage. Considering the risks involved in breast implants, these are definitely safer options.

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